Lamento Kayapó

Lamento Kayapó

Lamento Kayapó (Kayapó Lament)
Despina, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
with Michael Oliveira Baré (Anajé)

The Kayapós are an indigenous population of Brazil. They inhabit the states of Mato Grosso and Pará – in the south of the Amazon area. For centuries, the Kayapós have fought for their survival, the conservation of their ancestral customs and the demarcation of their territory. Mining, logging, agricultural interests and the “ruralists” – are the many facets of the Kayapós political struggle, which often results in long-standing disputes and violent conflicts.

The so-called “ruralists” are a group that represents large national and multinational agribusinesses corporations who have repeatedly threatened land rights and the survival of most of the indigenous populations in Brazil.

Kayapó body painting done on my body with human blood by an indigenous person.

(Produced as part of the Despina project “Art and Activism in Latin America II” with the support of Prince Claus Fund)